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FHA Loans

15 Year Fixed Mortgage, 30 Year Fixed Mortgage, Home Loan Lenders

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Choosing the best FHA Mortgage loan can give you a chance to own the home of your dreams. A FHA home loan is a government-subsidized loan that is not only popular with first time home buyers, but with buyers who have previously purchased a home.

How a FHA Loan Works
We offer FHA approved lender services. This type of loan is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration and provides you with several financing options. This is the loan type most commonly used by people who are purchasing their first home because it comes with fewer restrictions on qualifications. In fact, some borrowers may qualify for down payment assistance. We also offer FHA refinance products including low-documentation or streamline refinance options.

FHA loans carry lower penalties if a borrower is more than 15 days late on a monthly payment.

There are no income limits with a HUD-FHA insured mortgage, so almost anyone can qualify, as long as they have a reasonably good credit history and can afford the monthly mortgage payments. 

You can also combine FHA mortgage programs with many first-time home buyer grants or down payment assistance programs. 

15 Year Fixed Mortgage, 30 Year Fixed Mortgage, Home Loan Lenders
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